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Watch The Amazing Spider Man online free megavideo movie. Firstly the casting is spot on. Andrew Garfield completely embodies the character. I thought Tobey Maguire did a job but Garfield puts him to shame in this movie. Emma Stone was absolutely fantastic as Gwen Stacey Other reviews have asked if this supposed to be Spiderman movie or Twilight, and yes I agree that the film concentrated a lot of energy on the character development and the relationships.I do not see that as a bad thing.


Watch The Amazing Spider Man full movie online free. 'The Amazing Spider Man' lacks the excitement in comparison to the legendary the trilogy directed by Sam Raimi. But if you look at it as a new story all together, it offers some interesting moments. But, for me, this film works primarily for one reason: Andrew Garfield's Winning Performance as Peter Parker / Spider-Man!

Watch The Amazing Spider Man online free full movie. The core part of this movie is screenplay,and the treatment of Spider Man character it was very cheeky and fun mixed way not very seriously designed.Andrew Garfield did very well,and Emma Stone as well she looks very clean "cheeks".When you watch this in 3d it would feel you great,and very exciting also.The producers has to be admired for those selection because they believe in the script even though The Spider Man was done in the past.

Movie was not bad but was expecting something different than the last time. The only thing changed was the story, that would not be appreciated by comic lover round the world. Spider man has somehow become more of a Romeo than a super hero. The super hero movies are now being produced to entertain a wide range of people, which is why I feel they have lost their intensity. Watch The Amazing Spider Man online free stream.